Gautam Bose 
Associate Professor
School of Economics, UNSW





(+61) 9385 3318


(+61) 9313 6337



PhD: University of Southern California, Los Angeles
B.A.(Hons.): Presidency College, University of  Calcutta (Kolkata) . University Medal.


Development Economics
Microeconomic Theory






ECON2111: Introduction to Economic Development

ECON3101: Advanced Microeconomics



Occasional Op-ED pieces  

The Telegraph Calcutta, 6 Nov 2002 
On sunk costs 

The Telegraph Calcutta, 6 Dec 2002 
Women and part-time work 

The Telegraph Kolkata, 1 April 2003 
Coordination and economic development 

The Telegraph Kolkata , 9 March 2005
On Mamdou Habib



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